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The Importance of Branding to Propel Your Business

A Revolution in Inspiring Customer Recognition

Consider for a moment your favorite companies. Maybe you thought of the giants like Nike, Starbucks, or Netflix. Or perhaps your interests steer away from corporate monoliths to the smaller entities that have a following but are a little more niche and rely on invested loyal traffic to gather new attention to their company.


Why are these companies locked in your brain? Is it the logo? Maybe the ads and marketing? Or perhaps it could be something so much simpler but absolutely crucial to any company’s survival in these times of social media and Google reviews? Guess what? It is all of these. These are no longer companies. And this might come as a shock, but if you have marketed your business correctly, your company is something else, too.

Whether you believe it or not, you are now a brand. That’s right. And brands are the new business model for the growing future of any money-making venture that thrives on traffic from unique visitors and the recognition that they are relevant to a key group of dedicated followers. And brands can be a huge corporation, a mom-and-pop restaurant, or a single social media influencer. If you are an entrepreneur, you are a brand.

The Reality of Branding

You haven’t secured your brand identity? You aren’t alone. Some business owners find the idea of branding themselves to be tawdry and tantamount to a deep sense of hubris. In truth, if done right, it is far from this small and jaded definition. Branding is largely about marketing your business in a way that cements you and what you do in the hearts and minds of your target traffic.

With the speed of life, as it is due to social media, new brands bombard us every day. We get crushed by waves of brands we have never heard of, often by simply searching for an item, service, or interest on a site not even attached to the social media platform. Search for bras or tree-trimming services on Google and it is guaranteed the next time you open your Facebook news feed you will be buried in ads for brands in those niches.

This rapid assault of brands is not all bad. It might seem like they are being shoved down your throat and blocking your typical feed likes, but what is also happening is you are getting a new option when before they might have been a little limited, especially in the niches. And it is interesting to see what the search matrix inserts into your social feeds that otherwise would have been relegated to obscurity. These niche businesses saved themselves by branding.

Why You Should Brand Your Business Immediately

We all get into business to network, reach out to the community, and be our own boss, but all of these funnel into one specific goal, and that is the acquisition of money. We work to make money. And having your own business, you will make more, even with the added expenses. But you also have new concerns that might have never occurred to you before becoming an entrepreneur. Branding satisfies these beautifully.

Here are a few ways branding can improve your business in ways you might not have considered:


There are so many businesses in your niche, the market is saturated and there are only so many dollars to go around. How do you get the biggest piece of the pie? Branding to draw attention, marketing with your brand to seal your company in the lives of your target audience, and communication with the customers to garner a sense of community with them.


People want to trust you. It is hard-wired in our DNA to want to trust, but also to be skeptical. Your brand can be an icon of benevolence and honor and the free marketing that comes with having a trustworthy brand is worth its weight in gold.


Your brand can be a platform from which you can reach a lot of people, but also a point of pride for your employees. Staff that believes in the brand is more likely to support it, promote it, and be enthusiastic about it. They will want you to succeed and come along for the ride. Think of how amazing those who work at Google feel knowing their product touches so many lives in the best way. You can have this, too.


You want return business. That will always be your bread and butter. But loyal customers rarely come alone, bringing friends. Why would they bring others to your business? Because they feel their own connection to your brand, built by the respect they feel from your blissful staff, the trust they have developed in the brand through honest marketing, and a history of never being disappointed.

Take The Leap

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