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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the essential service that allows websites and web applications to be accessible on the
internet. It involves storing all the necessary files, data, and images in a secure location provided by web hosting companies. These files are stored on specialized servers with high-speed internet connections,
ensuring that users from any location can access your website at any time.

In basic terms, web hosting ensures that your website is always visible and functional online. When a user enters your website’s domain name in their browser, a request is sent to the server hosting your website’s files. The server then sends the requested files back to the user’s browser, enabling them to view and
interact with your website’s content.

Choose reliable web hosting to keep your website up and running smoothly, allowing users to easily access and enjoy your online presence.

Are all web hosting platforms created equal?

All Web Hositng is not equal

Choosing a hosting service for your website can be very confusing. Most people don't even know what web hosting really is! Let us break it down for you so you can make an informed choice.

Which option is the right fit for your business?




Who will you be dealing with and how quickly will they solve your problems?




Will your website and your customers information be safe and secure?




How quickly will your
website load and how often will it go down?

Side By Side Comparison

Cool Brand Media vs Wholesale

Wholesale - GoDaddy

Lower Cost
Once webfiles are given to Go Daddy it will take 7 days to go live

Public Server with 400-500 websites

Being in a large pool of websites can cause:
– Slow loading of content due to one shared  server
– One poorly managed site eefects the whole  server
– Google will NOT find you as desirable and  your ranking diminishes if you share hosting  with poor quality sites (i.e. porn, illegal phar maceuticlas). You share the overall IP

Wholesale companies host a multitude of different website frameworks, so there is a less active focus on security factors that affect each type differently. You have no control regarding the websites you will be pooled with. The likelihood that your IP address will be associated with nefariuos websites (gambling, scans, etc.) is high.

Because hackers target into these public hosting pools, the possibility for hacking increases immensely. Also, the security goes down because there are multiple types of websites in these pools (HTML, Squarespace, WordPress, etc).

With the lowest GoDaddy plan, you will get one free courtesy service. After that, you will have a monthly fee. Their initially lower price now costs you more.

You will be working with someone from India with no direct knowledge of your website.

Cool Brand Media CDN

Higher Cost
Once terms & conditions are given, we can go live that day – within a couple of hours!
The Cool Brand Media CDN (Content Delivery network) hosts 20-30 websites, and most are .govs which have a much higher standard for web hosting and security

A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a
geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide:
• Quick transfer for loading internet content
• Fast web traffic (Facebook, netflix and  Amazon web traffic are all served through  CDN’s)
• Protection from malicious attacks

The Cool Brand Media CDN is private, and the most up to date CDN out there. Cool Brand Media utilizes the most advanced C2 active learning machines that average a 40% faster environment, and we only host WordPress websites, so the monitoring software is specialized for guarding those vulnerabilities only.

The people who develop your website are the people who will be hosting it. Cool Brand Media conducts security maintenance each month (up to 30 minutes – for plug-ins, core updates, etc). Our approach is proactive rather than reactive.

The Cool Brand Media CDN creates a backup of your website daily. With basic Go Daddy service you have to manually back it up yourself.

The professionals at Cool Brand Media know your site inside and out and are ready and able
to help.