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What are META Descriptions?

If you have a site on Google, you are no stranger to the term “META descriptions”. Keep reading this blog post to learn everything you need to know about them without all the extra fluff.

What is a META description?

A META description is a short sentence or two (think about 155 characters) that encourages people to click on your link on Google. It is what is shown beneath your page’s title. This can be potentially the first thing seen by your target audience.

Moz.com gives a good example of what that looks like on the front page of Google.

What is the code behind it?

Adding a META description to your code is super easy. Check out this example below from Yoast.com.

<meta name=“description” content=“Do you want people to click on your search result? Learn how to write the best meta description. Including 7 characteristics and examples!” />

Why is it needed?

This is simply another way to drive traffic to your site. Especially for people who aren’t looking for you specifically. Many people use Google to look up the answer to a question, they are then met with pages upon pages of results. Of course, we all know having our site on page one is the best way to get clicks. The next is having a META description that catches the reader’s attention and makes them confident that you have the answer they need.

What makes up a good META description?

Here are a few key elements to make sure you have the best META description

● Keep it short, around 155 characters
● Active voice
● Put your call to action in it
● Use your focus keyphrase
● Sum up the content on your page
● Make it catchy

SEO and META descriptions

While SEO isn’t required in a META description given its length, you might want to note what other words people might be searching for related to your product. Google will highlight keywords in your META description that match what the user has typed into the search. This allows them to easily scan resources and find what they need. Check out this example from Semrush below.

As we promised. Short, sweet, and to the point, exactly like a META description. Refer to our guide and linked resources to make your site’s META description the best it can be!


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